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Decent employment is a human right recognized by international acts and current Ukrainian legislation, as well as everyone’s main goal, including people with special needs. Employment is a means of sustaining life and meeting basic needs.

Inclusion means that all people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities or health needs, have the right to be respected and valued as valuable members of society. The goal of inclusion is to provide equal access to opportunities and eliminate discrimination against all people, regardless of race, gender, disability, medical or other needs.

Dear employer!

By giving a job to people with disabilities, you are not only complying with the law on the employment of such people, but also helping them to be equal members of society.
By doing this you :
  • get responsible employees who value their work;
  • avoid penalties for non-compliance with workplace standards intended for employment of people with special needs;
  • receive subsidies for the creation of a workplace for employee with disability, his/her salary, etc.;
  • get an opportunity to train an employee with special needs at the expense of social funds;
  • receive benefits for paying social insurance fees;
  • increase fidelity and moral spirit in your team;
  • have an ability to implement new solutions for products and services through awareness of typical physical problems;
  • get an employee, who is highly motivated to keep the job, reliable, dedicated to the company and less inclined to change workplace, who will "invest his soul" in his work;
  • make the image of your company or organization as a socially responsible business.

Dear client

Remember, disability is not a barrier to have a career. Believe in yourself, be persistent on the way to your dream job and effective in performing your professional duties.
By doing this you:
  • realize your individual potential;
  • provide yourself and your family with financial well-being;
  • break stereotypes about wrong and negative perception of people with special needs in a professional team;
  • prove by your own example that there are many highly qualified professionals among employees with disabilities;
  • get new social contacts;
  • form a decent level of respect and self-esteem through your own efficiency;
  • realize your rights;
  • acquire a new social status;
  • expand your own capabilities;
  • become a role model and motivator for other people with special needs